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Jim Thomas


Jim Thomas will be performing at SWINGIN’ THE STANDARDS starring Susan Perti and Matt Dunn, Oct 19th, 2014 at 3pm in Philadelphia, PA. Get your tickets here:

Singer Jim Thomas

Jim has been singing since the age of 20. He put his singing on hiatus while he worked at Verizon and returned to singing in the past five years since his retirement.

He has been guest soloist at various churches in the area, most recently at St. Matthew’s in Wayne, PA. He has appeared in showcases and at various venues in New Hope, PA and at the Stockton lnn, in Stockton, NJ.

He has also appeared in a local motion picture in a singing role. The movie is in post-production and has not yet been released.

Jim formerly lived in Philadelphia, PA; he presently lives in Blue, Bell, PA with his wife.

To see Jim’s videos visit


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